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I submitted a question but it wasn't answered so not sure if I am allowed to put in a request. Can you clarify if you're still answering stuff or if you're done for right now. Thanks!


Ah sorry about that, dude. Yep I’m going to answer them all but I’m dead tired at the moment so it’s probably best I get some sleep before doing the rest otherwise my replies will come out as nosense XD But if you submitted a question than yes please, put in a request :D


Seriously guy thank you so much. I’m honestly staggered. You’re all the absolute best followers and friends that anybody could ever ask for.

Thank you. Thank you all so, so much. I can’t put into words how much it means to me that so many of you have stepped in so quickly to help me out with this. I feel so much better about that looming due date now XD

I just really, really want say thank you again for the help and please, everyone who did, if you have any requests for art drop them in my ask box and I’ll do it for you. I can’t guarantee it will be immediate but it will get done. 

Thank you again. You’re all fantastic. 

Followers, Assemble…. Pleeeeease

Hey guys

I’m really sorry I’ve not been able to put as much art as I’d like up. Uni has been ridiculously busy this term and has been chewing up my time. 

That is actually the subject of this message. I really need you guys to do me a massive favour for me. 
One of my assignments is regarding networking via social networking websites. Sounds… interesting, right? Small problem. I sort of completely overlooked it and it’s somewhat due tomorrow. 

So, like I said earlier, I really need your help here. 

I’ve set up a dummy account for the assignment with some questions and such, you can find it here: http://maddibeckeartblog.tumblr.com/

If you guys could possible pop over and send a few comments, asks and stuff, to make it look populated and like it’s not been slapped together within and hour, particuarly in the next 24 hours, that would be absolutely amazing. I swear to god I will do requests of whatever you want. I just really, really need your help guys. 

ALSO! If, by some miracle, on of you work professionally as an artist (dude, just taking fanart commissions would count at this point, we’ll call it freelancingcould you please let me know so I can send you and ask and we can ‘have a quick conversation about working in the industry’. 

Honestly guys, you’ll be saving my arse here, BIG TIME. Sorry for asking this of you. You follow an idiot unfortunately XD

Thanks for just reading to this point everyone, I’ll really appreciate it (and will do requests as compensation XD). 

Thanks guys

Yeah, this was sort of inspired by the whole Star!John thing XD It’s supposed to be like Moon!Greg or something but yeah, I’m not sure it went entirely to plan. 

Oh well, I’m happy with the result  either way and I hope you guys like it too :)

Just a little scene I sketched up on the train the other day. I’ve been in the Potterlock mood XD

Just a small pic for the teenlock Mystrade RP I’ve had going on with Sherlockshotthetardis where Greg has been going through a lot of stuff home and finds some support and comfort with his best friend, schoolmate and boyfriend, Mycroft.

Because I need to warm up again and Daemon!lock seems to be my default AU, (along with Potterlock XD That’s probably coming up next XD)

Alright, so I may or may not be falling in love with BBC’s ‘The Musketeers’ XD

Porthos is definitely my favourite, and last episode really didn’t help matters all that much (for lack of a better term, ‘the feeeeels’ XD). 

But yeah, Just a small offering of Baby!Porthos fawning over a Musketeer;s hat he found/was given, much to the bemusement and Charon and Flea.

That’s better. Starting to get back into the swing of it now XD


Biggest pet peeve: Missorting people into Hogwarts houses. Like how can you put Sherlock into Slytherin? He is clearly a Ravenclaw. He values knowledge over almost anything. Yeah that changed a little and now he values peoples lives over learning who the culprit is but his main point in life is…

In answer to your question, some of the Slytherin qualities I’ve noticed in Sherlock are his talent for manipulating a situation to get results (I need to get into Magnusen’s office? I’ll date the PA). He’s cunning (he has to be to do his job (and survive those 2 years hunting down Moriarty’s associates).He’s resourceful, clever, determined and possesses leadership qualities.

Of course, he has many Ravenclaw qualities (Intelligence, wit, originality, individuality…). I tend to chop and change between the two myself, but there’s more to Slytherin than the usual spiel (ambitious as hell, looking out for themselves first and foremost, death-eater in training).

Of course, it’s completely up to you what you sort Sherlock as, and I’m certainly not trying to have a go at you for things that annoy you. My only point in this reply is that just that really, at the end of the day, everybody has different ways at looking at these things and sometimes those ways don’t exactly match up to yours, but that doesn’t make them or you wrong.




I was bored and doodled some stuff. This is Spencer, my OC from the awesome RP I’m having with qed221b :3


((All good. To keep with the theme, Toby’s a tad more beat up as well now XD))

Awwwww, thank you so much, Namara. You’re so lovely :)
Thank you :D

Dotted Ties and Green Scarves

A pinch-hit for Chefhector for the Winter Mystrade Exchange. 

I hope you like this dude. It’s been a while since I’ve written something properly, so hopefully it turned out alright XD

Anyway, enjoy :)

Greg grimaced as he looked at himself in the mirror. For someone who wore a suit everyday, even if it was just for work, he found himself looking incredibly stiff and uncomfortable.

He sighed and adjusted his dark blue, spotted tie (that he’d been ordered to wear) for what had to be the dozenth time before raking his fingers through his grey hair.

He looked… ill, no, stop that. He looked fine. Perfectly acceptable. A bit old perhaps.


I was bored and doodled some stuff. This is Spencer, my OC from the awesome RP I’m having with qed221b :3